3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping

We have risen to become leaders in the area of 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping services with a worldwide acknowledgement of our exemplary services. We also offer our clients a variety of materials, finishes and innovative tools that are used for file analysis and repair. Our series can be used globally; we also deliver to any part of the world.

We strive to create an opportunity for our clients to have a variety of design options that will suit their needs. Our customer support representatives will always be ready to help you make the right choice from our prototypes. On request, our design and engineering team will also create designs of your work to be printed in 3D.

We have the capacity to work quickly and effectively to deliver your jobs. We run an exclusive post production and finishing operating headquarters from where a timely delivery of your prototypes will be made.

You should review your rapid prototyping plan for these four reasons

Enjoy the liberty of designs

With 3D printing, you can achieve geometric designs that were previously not attainable. With our rapid prototyping 3D Printing service, we can quickly finish and deliver your jobs. You will also be impressed to know that the finished job will be a replica of what you had in mind.

Create functional parts

The mechanical and functional parts include the 3D printing materials like polyamide, aluminide and different kinds of metal. With these parts, we can carry out tearing, assembly and stress tests easily with the use of our dependable high-grade 3D printers. We offer 3D objects in varying measurements like 0.8mm to as much as 27.5 cm. This makes it easy for us to work on your projects which will definitely fall within this range.

Increase the rate of your product development

With good 3D software, you can create any product design. At East Coast Engineering, we will create the best product designs for you quickly and efficiently. The best part is that or prices are very affordable too.

Be flexible with your imagination

With an open mind, you should focus on creating the best product designs that will definitely catch the attention of your target audience. It helps to know that you can run wild with your imaginations as 3D modelling and printing techniques will meet your needs. You can also create different products for the various customer segments. Focus on your product design; get it right before proceeding to mass produce it.