CNC Machining

Our extensive experience in this industry has helped us develop better operations using innovative technology to make CNC machined parts quickly and efficiently. CNC machining is the process of using automated cutting tools to process raw materials or an already existing part into new and better parts. With this technology, it is possible to create components from any raw or previously existing material for your use. Our products can be used as prototypes, production parts, repeat use master patterns and many other applications.

Our services include carrying out the CNC machining of parts for instruments and special parts like electronic and medical PCB enclosures, heat sinks even hot stamping lettering. We are also proficient in close tolerance CNC machining of thin walled parts like motors, pumps, generator housing, end bells and electrical connectors using basic materials or special alloys like steel, aluminium, titanium or magnetic steel. Considering the need for customised jobs in this area, East Coast Engineering can capably meet the needs of clients in Aerospace, Medical, Military and commercial industries. Our experience and the use of innovative technology will give us the leverage to always meet the needs of our clients.

Benefits of CNC Machining Services


We have set up world class standard matching centers in view of serving our clients better. We need to be sure that all projects can be executed and finished when the clients need them. Our wide range of CNC tools like the double axis lathes is efficient for cutting round parts like nozzles, bushes, engine components and threaded shafts. We also use the later models of 4 axis machines to ensure quicker processes involving undercuts and off-axis features.


Keeping up with the clients’ time frame for projects might be quite difficult for other companies but East Coast Engineering Company stands out from the rest. With the use of the latest innovation which is always upgraded to maintain our efficiency, we can absolutely be relied on to deliver on time. Once a client contacts us, we provide a quote very quickly to cover the work to be done. Once the client approves, we start work immediately.

Finishing Options

Asides perfecting out welding jobs, we also offer beautiful finishing options like painting, powder coating  or anodizing. We will also manually polish your work to your taste if you prefer a finish like that. The importance of Staying ahead in this market has made it compulsory that we also include vapour polishing among our offers. It gives an outstandingly clear finish on polycarbonate and a variety of solvent materials that can be bonded.